Dream x2

Dream x2 - Coffee Painting by Lauren Daae

"Wait, what if we had TWO horses?? Like, two big ones so we could ride side-by-side, instead of doubling all the time. Someday..." 

I don't remember our exact conversations, but Jess and I used to dream about this scene ALL the time. My sisters and I have amazing memories of growing up with horses. A number of summers went by and we browned up our bottoms from the dirt of our pony's back, truly living the best Saskatchewan-life, I might add.  The thought of having more horses, ones that weren't as short or stubborn, seemed like the most incredible goal - I never really thought it would happen.  Fast-forward many years, and MANY horses have served the girls of the Klarholm farm. 

Why this story today? Well, I had a large piece of watercolour paper, and a desire to do something for myself.  This is one small homage to that time of life, and what I'm hoping will turn into a larger body of work for the coming year.  Last November I created the first piece called "Collected & Caffeinated - I", if you happened to miss it.

Like a lot of artists, I find I'm wearing many different hats - as wife to a musician and farmer, I'm a hockey mom, and a cowgirl at heart...  I might as well not hide it.  My loves and my influences are what they are, so why not give them a chance to speak.

With that little 'spur' - keep your eyes open for more work along this trail.  I'm just dreaming up the right way to announce it, but I'll be looking for other cowgirls/boys who connect with these dreams of mine.

Artfully yours,