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Life's Evening Sun

Life's Evening Sun


A portrait of Raymond Daae

  • Size

    Original painting - 12 x 16 x 1.5" canvas,  painted with Tim Hortons Coffee.

  • Details

    “When I think of Grandpa, the first thing that comes to mind is cultivating with him in his Steiger tractor. As a 9 year old boy riding on the pail in the corner of the cab,

    I watched everything he was doing. That’s probably where he taught me the song ‘Bushel and a Peck’.


    He’d always take the time to stop, shut it down - so we could enjoy what Grandma had packed in his Stanley lunch kit. Sitting in the shade by the tires, the food carefully wrapped in wax paper (except of course the banana) - and Grandpa sipping his coffee. I could never figure out how he could drink hot coffee on +30 day... but now I do the very same thing.


    We’d laugh about it, but I love how much time he took to visit - with anyone. It didn’t matter how much work needed to be done. He just cared about people so much.

    I was there as he prayed for, and helped so many people along the way. With his big heart for others, he still made me feel like I was really special. I guess I never stopped watching everything he was doing.”

    Written by Daniel Daae

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