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Canadian Artist

Lauren Daae

"I love storytelling.  I'm often taken back to childhood dreams. Mine lead with the sound of galloping horses, the smell of coffee, and the feel of leather and wheatgrass."

A Bit About Me

Since childhood I have been drawn to rural themes and classic subjects, and I thrive on reinterpreting them with boldness; a more contemporary take. My heart is strongly connected to the prairies and that manifests the themes of heritage, farm culture, and relationships in my work.

Recently portraiture has taken on a strong role in my explorations, and I find that seemingly old-fashioned concepts are still very relevant. I love the obscure stories that aren't likely to be discovered. They lead me to explore the characters and their inventions... the scenes that can be imagined through an old photograph or a story over coffee.

Currently, my medium of focus has been shifting from coffee to watercolour. Being that coffee is such an unusual "paint", the brewed tones have always given me the vintage vibe and curious context with which I love to translate my stories.  I'm ready to push it forward with the expanded vocabulary of a full colour palette.

Artist Bio

Lauren Daae is a visual artist from south-east Saskatchewan. Her works feature a very unique medium: brewed coffee. As a coffee-colourist, her style flows much like watercolour and champions the contrast between refined detail and freely expressive splatter. Because coffee is an uncommon 'paint', she continues to research and develop her own methods of creating and sustaining the work. Lauren is also skilled in digital painting and illustration, diving into bright colour and pronounced strokes that reflect the traditional means of painting.  Recently she has turned her attention to watercolour painting, incorporating her signature loose and splashy style mixed with fine detail.

A self-taught artist, after graduating high school she pursued a career in visual art and launched into the graphic design world. After over ten years of success in the industry, the experience of digital editing gave way to her passion for fine art, as she exchanged her keyboard and mouse for brush sets.
In 2016 she officially launched her fine art career and has been working to exhibit in various local galleries as well as speak at events, host painting demonstrations and group classes. 
Lauren's first solo exhibition series titled “Common Ground” debuted in October 2019 in Estevan, Saskatchewan.

Drawing much inspiration from her rural surroundings, she works from home and takes commissions from time to time. When not working on her craft, Lauren can be found helping out on the farm, at the community church or events, and occasionally on the road with music ministry.  She and her husband Daniel both grew up on the farm and appreciate the close-knit, neighbourly communities of the prairie provinces.  Currently living in the village of Torquay, they enjoy raising their four children in a faith-filled, hockey-playing and musical home.


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