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Creating a custom piece of art is an amazing opportunity!

I'm on the hunt for reference material to showcase small-town hockey in a full painting series. I'd love to connect with you!

There are up to 10 commission spots available to be filled each year.

Watercolor & Ink

How it works

Creating with Canadian Artist Lauren Daae

1. Apply. I use a submission process where you send me your ideas, photos, and  preferences. I do this to streamline our communication, and ensure that my artistic direction fits with your goals. 

2. We will discuss - After I've reviewed your request, I'll be in touch via email. If your project has been chosen to fill a time-slot,  we'll discuss any remaining details to make sure we sync up and create something amazing! 

With this review process I am pursuing the creation of my best work, which means that sometimes a project doesn't fit with my timeline.  If your request won't work this time,  please consider applying again in the future!

3. Approve  the details for your painting - style and colour emphasis, size and finishing, and I will quote for the shipping and tax estimate.

4. Pay the deposit amount (50% or full) - and agree to the Artist Contract.

5. Go Time! I get to work, you excitedly wait! I'll be in touch, and you can see a photo before it ships, if you wish.

6. Pay final balance.

7. Your painting is SENT - we celebrate!!

Apply for 2023

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