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A portrayal of Arlin Ryan

  • Size

    12x16" Canvas - painted with Tim Hortons coffee

  • Details

    From The 'Common Ground' Series

    “I took that picture of you!” Lois gleamed. “It was 1950, I remember that day.” He looked it over and then chuckled. “Now what was going on... there must be a mistake. Why am I wearing a Canadiens jersey?”

    I remember where he always used to sit, on the right side of the pew and close to the front. I have a vague memory of a lady beside him sometimes, and then I mostly remember him coming alone. Always straight up, with perfect posture and an air of authority around him. He would stand at the pulpit occasionally and I remember his passion and heart. He reminded me of a figure you’d see in the movies, almost like John Wayne - but kinder. And more humble. But strong as everything.

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