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Prairie Rosemaling

Prairie Rosemaling


A portrayal of Inga Klarholm

  • Size

    Original painting - 12 x 12 x 1.5" canvas,  painted with Columbian - Road Coffee Co.

  • Details

    From The 'Common Ground' Series

    We opened our playhouse door, and there she was standing outside with a basketful of doilies, teacups... assorted trinkets. The dim wooden room was soon decorated with Scandinavian featured knick-knacks. My favourite was a blue wooden spoon that hung on the wall; it was hand-painted with bright rosemaling details. Being busy little girls, I’m sure we never truly appreciated the moment as it went by. As I remember it now, I like to imagine Grandma taking the time and picking out each little piece she was going to surprise us with. Looking at small ornaments like these are like peeking in the window of a 1927 Norwegian girl’s dreams. It wasn’t until sometime in my teens that I even realized that my Grandma had an accent (as pointed out by one of my friends). Somehow her world, almost 4,000 miles away - was our world too.


    Frame created by J&T Woodworking.  Comes with hanging hardware, but works best as a standing piece.

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