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Coffee & Crickets

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Yes, the first word is delicious... but the second, well, not so much! These two 'c's don't typically belong together in your thoughts... or do they? As you take a closer look, I hope the connection becomes clear. The reason that it makes sense to me is pretty close to my heart.

This piece is one of two originally commissioned paintings, as a gift for a client's family member (who grew up in the Macoun area). Being that Macoun is also my hometown, this work resonated with me greatly. Before I started working, we talked about possible subjects that would remind the previous locals of our little community. There is a farm-family background also, so the subject of the elevator became the obvious winning choice!

The colours I settled on especially spark memories of the grain-farm operation that I enjoyed while growing up. I remember the smell of coffee and cream-of-wheat from Grandma's kitchen, breathing the crisp morning air outside, and mindlessly chasing little black crickets as they sprung around the gravel and purslane weeds - with the sound of my Grandpa's seed-cleaning plant churning away in the yard. The retro blue and golden/rust tones rocket me back in time to my first summers experiencing the SE Sask farm culture; which distinctly include the smell of strong coffee and the sound of crickets. The elevator has since aged and weathered greatly - but for me, the impression of the landmark giants and how they have impacted our little communities has become more vivid.

Reflecting on my hometown, these Sask icons, and my farm-family raising has been a welcome occupation while I painted. The history of these 'prairie sentinels' is absolutely important and in many ways represent Saskatchewan, though they are disappearing from the landscape. I hope to have the chance to paint more of these beauties in the future - I can hardly think of a more noteworthy piece of history that is such a part of my life!

Included in the background is a notation of the land location NE Section 22, NW Section 23, Township 4, Range 10, and 1903.

If you're interested, please read more about my two Macoun Elevator pieces in my post about the 'Faded Keeper'.

I would also like to mention my aunt, Beverley Graham - who had the foresight to photograph many of Saskatchewan's elevators. Get in touch with her for some amazingly captured historical gems.

Macoun Elevators

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