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The Snowmachine

"The Snowmachine" - 11x14 Coffee on Canvas - Original Blend Coffee from Tim Hortons

Oh, the inventive minds of the old days! Rather than being wasteful (or perhaps, realistic...) you kept EVERY little piece of this, because you could maybe use it later - for that.

Enter Raymond Daae. What a sight it would be, to see him bump along the snowdrifts on his home-made snowmachine. From odds and ends including a flywheel, old motor, and a sawhorse - he engineered a mode of transportation for the frozen prairies. He certainly makes a good case for holding on to all of those scrap pieces.

Myself, being in the middle of a high-convenience society, I live on the opposite side. Having LESS appears to be the greener-grass. I quickly forget how difficult times here have passed, and for the majority of the world - that reality seems to have no end in sight. So I swing back and forth between feeling guilty for getting rid of things, and then feeling overwhelmed by the volume of STUFF... also a guilt-party. It's a surprisingly deep topic... an interesting comparison over only 50 years, or so. I can't image that there's a farm-shop around here that's NOT filled with "treasures" from the past. When you didn't have a local selection of parts, online shopping, or the finances and loans to begin with, you got creative.

“Great minds have purpose, others have wishes. Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortunes; but great minds rise above them.”

It's almost 2020. Here's to the end of a decade, with a lot of treasures left on the trail.

Artfully yours,


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