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James Weir Exhibition 2018

I am so pleased to announce that my entry "Deer in the Mist", in the Weyburn show placed THIRD - after 1280 votes were cast - competing against 37 entries! Wow, I was stunned!

This happens to be the first People's Choice competition I've entered, so placing was truly an honour! I am so grateful to everyone who gave me a vote, THANK YOU!

First place went to Jaren Bell, second to Logan Patrick. Here's the write-ups - from the Weyburn Review, and Discover Weyburn.

Lauren Daae James Weir Peoples' Choice Awards

As the top three, we have been awarded a joint show at the Credit Union gallery in July and August of this year! This gallery has high viewership due to its location - so I'm really looking forward to having a few of my works on display there.

The reception took place on Feb 18; that evening Daniel and I were able to visit with quite a few people (we also brought Aubrey along - at 3 weeks old she was very popular!)

The number one question I was asked about my piece was "What is digital painting?"

Lauren Daae James Weir Peoples' Choice Awards

This came as no surprise - as digital painting seems to have a few different interpretations, depending on the artist's process. It seemed the majority of people thought I must have taken a photo and then added some brush-strokes over-top of it. I know that some artists out there will use this technique - however I personally wouldn't be content with that. I strive to add as much of myself into my work as possible - and therefore treat digital 'painting' the same as traditional painting. Every value, stroke and detail is my own handiwork - literally!

Here is a short video-clip of the beginnings of this very piece! I recorded the first hour or so in September of 2017.

Lauren Daae James Weir Peoples' Choice Awards

I did reference a photo with permission, image credit to the photographer Melissa Logan.

All those that I chatted with were very gracious to receive my comments on it; this is after all, a very different technique for fine art. I am so encouraged by the warmth of the community and their respect for my work. I should add, I was really happy to meet Curator Regan Lanning - as well as other WAC members and artists who welcomed me so kindly.

Moving forward with my career, I intend to be as transparent as possible with my process and help to answer that question - 'what is digital painting'.

Genuity and integrity in my work is deeply important to me, as it is with most artists - and so it's my pleasure to let others have a window into my creative world (as messy and vulnerable as it may be!) I've been uploading some process videos on my YouTube channel, and I let my social media followers and e-subscribers in on my work as much as possible :) You can find those links below if you'd like to join in!

I want to also thank the Weyburn Arts Council for this opportunity and the work that they do to encourage artists in the area - I look forward to showing and coming forward in the Estevan galleries also - the SE Sask corner is a great place to grow as an artist!

Artfully yours,


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