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The Saddler

Hello again friends! I trust your summer has been wonderful! After numerous hotdogs, freezies (and too much mosquito spray) I guess it's time for autumn. I am NEVER ready for summer to end... but this year a lot of exciting things are on the horizon as the season changes. My next email will have a big announcement about my first, long-awaited exhibit - so watch out for that in the next week or two!! For now, I'm pleased to reveal another painting in the Common Ground series -

The Saddler - a 12x16 coffee on canvas.

Gordon Klarholm - The Saddler

We were so proud - this time we had succeeded in getting both the bridle AND the saddle in place... or so we thought.

I started to lead out of the barn, and our hearts slumped right along with the saddle as it awkwardly slid down underneath the pony’s big belly. Feeling a bit of panic (while Nicky was probably pleased) we knew what had to happen next.

"I asked him last time!" Jess was quick to argue... and I knew it really was my turn. We dreaded having to ask Grandpa to come solve the latest problem with our black Welsh - not because he would be angry, but because we had to pull him away from his work; often multiple times a day.

I can only imagine his thoughts every time he saw a little girl in overalls approaching, but I can’t remember a time he ever said "no, not today." He'd always pat Nicky's neck and repeat "oh he’s a nice pony...yeh", followed by quiet chuckles. He loved animals and he obviously loved us. Actually, I'd say it this way - he just LOVES.

Gordon Klarholm - portrait

This is just one of the many stories that I reflected on while painting this beloved man. I'm blessed to call him "Grandpa" - he is very much a hero to me.

This piece was painted on canvas using Tim Hortons coffee. I can't wait to reveal the next one!

Artfully yours,


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