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Spring time? Always coffee time.

We are still under a foot of snow but it’s melllllting like crazy - can’t go away fast enough! Thinking about spring brings back two specific memories for me. Firstly, it’s the crocus. These little beauties still pop up in our pastures, and I can actually feel my heart tugging when I see them. As a new farm-kid (just moved from the city of Grand Prairie) I remember being out in one of the west pastures with my Grandpa. We’d gone out to check on the cows, which also granted some time to wander. It was cold and frosty, not much around but dead grass and “chips”, as Grandpa called them. Any guesses what that would be? Anyway, I remember stopping in my tracks when I saw these perfect purple blooms. It probably doesn’t sound like much, but the excitement of discovering them with Grandpa and hearing him proudly talk about them - how we shouldn’t pick them, they were special... it made them a hallowed thing in my mind for all time. I can still smell the spring air and feel the shivers in my rubber boots. Those were the days.

Now I’d also like to mention that this little 9x12” has been painted with Generous Coffee Co's Dark Columbia blend, and it’s for sale. I’ll be donating the proceeds from it to Humanity and Hope United, one of the great purposes behind the Generous company. I would love to tell you all about it, send me a message anytime you want to hear more! This company has my support for some very direct reasons. I’m very pleased to be one of the Generous Ambassadors. Now the second part to this 'spring memoir' is of COURSE... the boot. Also ready-for-recall are vivid memories of wading through giant puddles, for HOURS. In the low-spots on the farm, slowly swishing through and watching the clear water turn to mud with each step. I know the first thing you're thinking is, "those ain't rubbers!" And obviously, you are correct :) I still felt this painting and memory were appropriate to pair together.

I'm calling this piece "Cowboy Coffees", it's also been painted 100% with the Dark Columbia blend from Generous Coffee (our favorite flavor so far, just a few more we haven't tried!) - on canvas board, primed for watercolour and sealed with acrylic. You might recall the previous study I did on my trusty heels (known as Teal Princess) - I'm always biased towards my latest works, but which do you like better? I hope spring finds us all soon - I'm guessing it's pretty obvious at this point that I CAN'T WAIT. Artfully yours, Lauren

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